Allan-Petretti-Coca-Cola-CollectiblesSorry we haven’t written in a while but believe it or not, we have been busy buying buying buying! We have a lot of cool Coca-Cola items and I can’t wait to post them up for you. However, we also have been receiving a few emails about items that people already have.

As collectors, we love to see what other people have and what they are willing to trade or sell. However, we probably don’t know as much as we should and that’s why we have been doing our homework. I recommend that you do the same.

Our good friend has been a book called Warman’s Coca-Cola Collectibles by Allan Petretti. Petretti has been collecting Coca-Cola and other soda pop collectibles for the past 35+ years. If anyone can tell you about prices for your items, is this guy. The book has items ranging from calendars, toys, signs, trays, bottles, etc. Although, it doesn’t have everything it is a pretty nice guide that can give you some sense of direction if you want to buy or sell Coca-Cola items.

The book is currently in its 12th edition and you can buy Petretti’s Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide: The Encyclopedia of Coca-Cola Collectibles here.

It’s available in hardcover and Kindle edition. Believe me, it will be money well worth spent in the long run.