This past weekend my husband and I made a trip to Maryland to watch the Redskins vs. Jets game (our green team won). On our way, we decided to stop by the Cracker Barrel in Bel Air, MD on I-95 Exit 80. It was my first time ever at a Cracker Barrel so I was immediately excited. I heard so many great things about this restaurant that I knew I had to visit one day. Well, that day came and it was fabulous. The first thing I saw was this:

Vintage Coca-Cola Cooler in Cracker Barrel, Maryland

It gets better! Enter the store, which has wonderful items from pancake mix to fried apples to Christmas ornaments to Terps gear. Go to the hostess stand and you will see:

Modern Coca-Cola CoolerHave you been to a Cracker Barrel with some cool Coca-Cola items?