Schmidt Museum of Coca-ColaSo the weekend of September 17 and 18, the Schmidt Museum held the most anticipated auction for Coca-Cola collectors. Many people all over the nation attend (wish I was there).

Three items sold for six figures each with another going for $95,000.
“It’s extremely rare to see a piece of advertising art of any type go for more than $100,000,” says Larry Schmidt who organized the auction. “We’re extremely happy with the results. This sale shows the power of the Coca-Cola brand and the passion collectors have for Coke memorabilia.”

Everything from posters to bottles to real delivery trucks were sold. The highest bid was $140,000 for a 13″ hanging globe light made of leaded glass. This 1920s piece has tiny pieces of cut glass creating mosaic patterns, including Coca-Cola’s script logo.

The second highest price – $105,000 – was for a bright yellow, one-of-a-kind poster from 1896. Considered the showcase of the Schmidt’s privately held collection, the poster measures 30″ x 40″ and features an attractive woman drinking a Coke surrounded by the words “Cures Headache, Relieves Exhaustion, At Soda Fountains, 5 cents.”

The other six-figure item, which sold for $100,000, is an 111⁄2″ tall soda fountain dispenser from 1915 with a marble base and a leaded-glass light on top featuring Coca-Cola’s script logo.

We are thrilled that the Schmidt Museum did much better than expected and are happy that the family is sharing their love for the brand with the rest of the world. Proceeds from all sales are going into a charitable foundation being created by the Schmidt family.